Flight Deck

TEN7's Flight Deck is a library of containers for local Drupal development. Flight Deck is lightweight, simple, and Docker-native, allowing you to stand up a local development environment quickly after installing Docker.


Container Service name Tags Public Port Supports Drupal
ten7/flight-deck-web web 7.2, latest 80, 443 7, 8
ten7/flight-deck-cli cli 7.2, latest 22 7, 8
ten7/flight-deck-db db latest 3306 all
phpmyadmin/phpmyadmin pma latest 8001 all
mailhog/mailhog mailhog latest 8002 all
_/memcached memcached 1.5-alpine all
ten7/flight-deck-varnish varnish 6.6, latest 8004, 8005 all
ten7/flight-deck-solr solr 6.6, latest 8003 7, 8


You can always post an issue on our Github page.